Welcome to CoinPriceIQ | Bitcoin Price & Cryptocurrency Info | October 3rd 2023 12:56 UTC

About CoinPriceIQ

CoinPriceIQ is a cryptocurrency intelligence tool. CoinPriceIQ is free to use. Our goal is to be a resource for cryptocurrency traders and asset managers to aid in price level monitoring, digital asset landscape surveying, and general blockchain education.

We believe that the coming decades of development in blockchain technology will bring about tectonic shifts in the financial services sector. The cornerstones of blockchain assets - independence, choice, and security - have laid a foundation that will be buttressed by sensible, light-touch regulation. It is with this backdrop that CoinPriceIQ joins the movement to provide valuable up-to-the-minute pricing information and educational materials for thousands of digital assets traded on hundreds of exchanges around the world. Information and understanding are the basis of thoughtful regulation, which - in conjunction with simple yet powerful wallet & custody tools - is ultimately the pathway to broader adoption.

We envision a future where the 1+ billion unbanked phone users globally are able to transact via mobile app with a basket-pegged stablecoin, where complex financial derivatives are abstracted away from centralized exchanges and algorithmically settled, and where personal identities are secured on the blockchain allowing for direct deposit of Universal Basic Income benefits in advanced economies.

That future is possible because of blockchain. We're here to help.