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Horizen ZEN Price USD, Live Chart, Coin Market Cap Info

Horizen's (ZEN) price today is $36.09 USD. Horizen's current price is now -3.7% lower than yesterday. A total of $22,852,759.01 in Horizen (ZEN) was traded globally across all exchanges in the past 24 hours, which is 12% more than the previous 24 hours.

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Property Value
Price $36.09
Price Δ (24 hr) -3.7%
Symbol   ZEN
Supply (Active) 12,129,819 ZEN
Volume (24 hr) $22,852,759.01
Volume Δ (24 hr) 12%
Market Cap $437,774,054
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Property Value
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###What is Horizen?

Horizen’s mission is to empower people and bring the world together by building a fair and inclusive ecosystem where everyone is rewarded for their contributions.

Horizen’s sidechain and scaling solution, according to the team, is the first completely decentralized and fully customizable sidechain protocol on the market. The Horizen sidechain platform was created to enable businesses and developers to affordably and quickly create real-world blockchain applications on Horizen’s fully distributed, secure, and privacy-preserving architecture.

Launched in May 2017, the platform enables real-life uses beyond its native cryptocurrency, ZEN, which is a mineable PoW coin available on major crypto exchanges. Users can securely store and transact ZEN using Horizen's flagship app, Sphere by Horizen, a multifunctional wallet that interfaces with Horizen products and services.

Horizen has a worldwide community, a team of over 50 professionals, and a roadmap driven by continuous investments in research and development.

###Zendoo - A Decentralized and Customizable Sidechain Solution

Sidechains are an innovation devised to overcome current limitations regarding scalability and extensibility in blockchain. Sidechains are a parallel platform with desired features that supplement the capabilities of the mainchain without imposing a significant burden.

Horizen’s sidechain platform, Zendoo, enables the deployment of public or private blockchains at scale. Horizen’s Sidechain SDK provides the components needed to build a completely decentralized and fully customizable blockchain.

Zendoo extends the Horizen network from a cryptocurrency to a privacy-preserving platform that scales for commercial applications.

###Horizen Nodes

Horizen has the largest incentivized node network in the industry with a multi-tiered node system. Node operators receive 20% of the total block subsidy. Horizen’s geographically dispersed node network provides the required infrastructure to operate an ecosystem of sidechains and applications.

###Mine ZEN

ZEN is a proof-of-work ASIC-mineable cryptocurrency employing the Equihash (200-9) algorithm.

- Block rewards: 60% miners, 20% treasury, 20% nodes.
- Block interval: 2.5 minutes
- Halving period: every ~4 years, as per Bitcoin

###Buy ZEN

You can buy ZEN on major cryptocurrency exchanges. View the [market pairs tab](https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/horizen/markets) for more information. Please research before choosing an exchange.

###Explore Horizen Risk-Free

Users can get free ZEN from Horizen Faucet every 20 hours. The Horizen faucet is a risk-free way to explore the Horizen ecosystem.

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