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Currency.com's adjusted volume over the past 24 hours is $271,781,393.08. A total of 446 currencies are trading across 492 markets on Currency.com.

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Property Value
Name   Currency.com
Volume (Norm, 1d) $208,148,343.57
Traffic Per Month 1,600,000 users
Trust Score (1-10) 7
Country Belarus
Year Established 2019
# of Currencies 446
# of Markets 492
Exchange Website Link
Twitter Link
Property Value
Centralization Centralized
Grade (A-F) -
Volume Rep 1d $271,781,393.08
Volume Adj 1d $271,781,393.08
Volume Rep 7d $1,489,036,208.86
Volume Adj 7d $1,489,036,208.86
Volume Rep 30d $6,587,962,591.09
Volume Adj 30d $6,587,962,591.09
Active? True
API Available? True

What is Currency.com?

Currency.com is designed to bridge the emerging world of cryptocurrencies with the world of traditional financial assets. Users can easily invest in top-traded equities, indices, commodities with a token that mirrors the value of the asset. It allows users to diversify their holdings beyond crypto and trade on some of the biggest brands on earth, such as Apple and Amazon, or on key commodities, such as gold and oil. 
Currency.com offers participants the possibility to trade directly in crypto and to profit in crypto, without having to exchange back into fiat currency.

Where is Currency.com located?

Currency.com is in Belarus and is located at:

Minsk city, Inter Natsionalnaya street, 36-1 office 724, room 2

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